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Buying Vs Renting an Accommodation in Bhubaneswar – A Checklist!

Are you in a dilemma whether renting is better than buying a home? Are you worried about the troubled process of finding a ‘new place’ to ‘moving into it’? Here is a simple idea – with options like the ‘Krishna Laxmi Arcade‘ offering the best choices of 1, 2, 3 BHK flats in Bhubaneswar in the heart of the city, i.e.,Jharapada, find relief from searching and worrying!

Owning a house is way better than living in a rented apartment. Want to know why? Here’s why buying a house/apartment at a convenient location is the best decision for you.

FREEDOM of owning a house means a lot. It means you can do anything in and around it without any interference but this doesn’t apply when you live in rented accommodation. When you own it, you treat it just the way you want, paint it as you wish, theme it your way, and proudly etch your nameplate.You can opt for such residential flats in Bhubaneswar and be a proud owner of it!

BUILD YOUR EQUITY by putting a stop on rent as it’s counted as a sunk cost. But when you pay your monthly EMIs or loan, you know that after a certain time you can have that property entirely to you. With each payment, you’re building equity in property prices.

ESCALATION IN RENT is a troublesome thing. Mostly every year, landlords increase their rent or come up with various ideas of rent increment. Whether you get a salary raise or not, a relative increase in rent is confirmed. However, it’s not the same in the case of loan payments. It’s advisable to pay EMIs and own a home rather than paying rents. Now with easy bank loans, buying affordable flats in Bhubaneswar is very easy.

RISK is another factor to be kept in mind as you can’t control the destiny of your rented accommodation. The landlord can ask you to leave the property anytime and you’ll be compelled to look for a new home. But when you own a house/apartment, you don’t have to be worried about all these and can focus on decreasing other risks attached to secure living.

TAX SAVING is possible with home loans. Rental amounts can’t be claimed unlike your home loan for income tax rebate. Did you know, home loan can save your taxes? While paying loans, you can claim deductions in income tax against interest and principal payments. So, wait no more. Just reach out to the developers of Krishna Laxmi Arcade, buy your dream apartment in Jharapada – the heart of Bhubaneswar,and save your precious, hard-earned money.

MEMORY IS TREASURE, so making it your own house is worth it. The best thing about memories is making them. When living in rented accommodation, one day you have to leave them and move to some other space but it’s not the same when it is your own house.

The CONCLUSION is that ‘buying a home’ wins the battle between renting vs. buying. However, it’s solely your decision. If you’re going ahead with buying, one of the best options in Bhubaneswar is Krishna Laxmi Arcade flats in Jharapada – a place that promises you the pleasure of luxury as well as a happy life. Visit our website or call us at: (91) 82600 11011 (Toll Free) for more details.