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7 Things You Should Look For While Investing in Residential Apartments Near Jharapada

Investing in residential apartments near Jharapada is one of the most crucial decisions of your life. You’ll be putting your years of hard-earned savings, and you should think twice before making your final decision.

However, Jharapada is a developing area comprising various upcoming real estate projects like Krishna Laxmi Arcade. So you won’t be disappointed after investing in the real estate projects of Jharapada.

But, you should keep certain things in mind before buying an apartment in Jharapada or anywhere across the globe. You might be burning your savings or taking a housing loan from the banks; you have to be extra careful.

Below, we’re mentioning some important things you should consider while purchasing residential apartments near Jharapada.


When you’re buying an apartment, you should be clear about the budget. When you’re clear about your budget, you’ll look for the apartments accordingly. You should compare the different projects of various builders and see who is giving the best deal. In real estate, your investment should follow the ‘value for money’ rule instead of your preferences. You can check the pricing of different apartment projects and flats in Jharapada by browsing online or seeking assistance from your realtor friend.

Carpet Area

Usually, the property’s super built-up area includes the area used by the outside corridor, elevators, walls thickness, etc. On the other hand, the carpet area is the area which is within the walls. The carpet area is usually 30-40% lesser than the super built-up area. Thus, please focus more on the carpet area and less on the super built-up area.

Legal Check

The land on which the entire apartment was built is very crucial. You should check and verify all the documents of the land. Ensure that the builder has cleared all the dues and the land is 100% genuine. The builder has taken all the necessary rights from the concerned authorities to build apartments in Jharapada.

Possession Date

It has become a trend that possession dates are constantly delayed, which happens in metropolitan cities. Therefore, as a buyer, you should clearly ask the exact possession date before making any transactions. Usually, most builders ask for just a six months grace period, and that is more than enough.

Loan Financing Banks

You should be aware of which banks the builder is taking funding for the development. Unfortunately, reputed banks won’t give a penny to the illegitimate builders due to a bad reputation. So, it’s essential to check who are the funding partners of the project.


When you’re buying 1, 2, 3 BHK apartments in Jharapada, you can pay a token amount that is non-refundable and get the allotment letter from the builder. If you’re taking a housing loan, an agreement will be created between you, the builder, and the bank. It’s your responsibility to read the agreement multiple times before signing the dotted lines. All the clauses mentioned in the agreement should be clearly read and understood. In case of any doubts, you should resolve them with the builder and bank.

Apartment Location

Not to forget, you should check the location where your apartment will be situated. Your apartment should be close to important places like the main road, hospital, school, markets, etc. In addition, the flat should be located in a peaceful and safe location, so your family stays secure 24/7. There is no point in investing in a lavish apartment if it isn’t situated in a safe location.

Krishna Laxmi Arcade is the Hottest Apartment Project in Jharapada

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